• I need your broker service to sell my domains , and how to do ?

    Do as the following steps :

    1.  Provide your domain’s value description and tell us your target price by Email .

       Our mail address :  info@netlee.com

    2.  Our technical team will evaluate your domains . And then we will reply you .

    If your domain is top or premium domain , and your price is reasonable , and we will help you .

    And then continue the following steps .

    1.       Redirect your domain to our website .

    We will provide the IP for you by Email .

    2.       We will promote your domain to more than 6000 active domain buyers .

    If any buyer accepts your price , and we will start to deal .

    3.       For deal :

    Two ways :

    1)       We will sign contract with you and buyer , and then will let buyer pay us , when we get payment , and will inform you provide transfer password and start to transfer the domain .

    We will send you money ( Deduct 15% commission ) after buyer confirm get the domain .

    2)       Deal by ESCROW.COM .

    But seller will bear the extra commission from ESCROW .

  • What domains can you agent ?

    1. Top domains .

    2. .com only .

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